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Get customized license reports for your business to save time on compliance.

Access a summarized report of the licenses and permits your business needs to legally operate at the local, county, state, and federal levels. Reports are typically delivered within 1-3 days after being ordered or after your business is registered by the state.

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Business License Report benefits


This report identifies the local, state, and federal licenses and permits required to legally run and operate your business.


Simplify the business license and permit process to ensure your business has the licenses needed for your industry and location.


Be confident you have the licenses, permits, and tax registrations needed for your location and business type.

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$99 for business license and permit report

How It Works

We partnered with Avalara® to provide a custom report of the business licensing and permits that you need to legally operate a new or existing company in your state,  county and city. 

Avalara starts by entering your business location, industry, and activities into their systems.

Their systems identify and verify the required business licenses and permits you need to legally operate.

You receive a report that outlines the licenses you need with instructions on how to obtain them.

Business License Report FAQs

  • Business licenses and permits are mandatory for your business to operate legally. All businesses need some kind of license, permit or tax registration at the local, county, state, or federal levels. The requirements vary based on your business location, industry and activities which can make understanding what is needed feel overwhelming.

    Our partners at Avalara make the process easy by delivering a report that lists the licenses and permits needed for your company to operate.