Datalogic Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Scanners have a reputation for their rugged design and imager-based scanning technology. Many of the Datalogic scanners come equipped with their patented Green Spot technology that provides good-read feedback after each scan by notifying the user that a successful read has occurred with a green light. Datalogic offers a patented STAR Cordless System that features mobility and real-time communications via a versatile 433 MHz or 910 MHz radio frequency, which eliminates interference with Wi-Fi infrastructure. Datalogic’s top barcode scanners include the PowerScan Series (Rugged), Gryphon Series (General Purpose), and QuickScan Series (General Purpose). In addition to barcode scanners, Datalogic Mobile Computers are available with integrated scanners and a full operating system. Call one of our experts to get a free consultation on a Datalogic Scanner solution or to request a quantity discount.
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