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Create custom barcode labels utilizing the below label design tool. Custom create a variety of different label types including inventory labels, asset labels, barcode asset tags and more. The Barcodes, Inc. custom label tool is simple-to-use and lets you create perfect custom barcode labels. Talk to a Barcodes, Inc. expert for any assistance in printing or creating custom barcode labels.

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    Label style

    Please select the type of label you would like to create.

    Choose from a variety of asset and product labels with 1D and 2D barcode options.

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    Adding color allows you to further customize your asset labels. Select a color to personalize your label, or choose a no color bar for a completely white label with black text. Please contact a Label expert for more PMS Pantone color options.

    Label size

    Please select the label size you prefer.

    All labels have 1/8in. (0.125in.) rounded corners, permanent adhesive, and are polyester.


    labels are measured left to right and then top to bottom. i.e. 3in. wide x 2in. tall.

     Show top text

    If you would like text above the barcode, select Yes and type the text you would like to have appear. If you do not want any text above the barcode please select No.


    All text and barcodes will be black.


    Typically asset labels have Property of printed above the barcode as well as company name (see Line 2 Text).

    If you do not want Property of, you may also customize the text at no extra charge or you can remove this line completely.


    all text will be in black and size may vary due to the amount of characters and label width limitations.

    First Number

    Sequential numbers are consecutive numbers that are both encoded into the barcode and printed below it. Your barcode numbers can consist of alpha characters A-Z, numeric characters 0-9 or a combination of both with minimum of 3 characters and maximum of 10. (All numbers that are not at least 3 characters long will have two leading zeros, because most barcode scanners can only read a minimum of 3 digits)

    Example: starting number 1 will become 001.

    Examples of sequential numbers:

    Starting number 0000000001, next numbers 0000000002, 0000000003, etc.

    Starting number AAA, next numbers AAB, AAC, etc.

    Note: all text will be in black and size may vary due to the amount of characters and label width limitations.


    Numbering method:

    Sequential - Increment numbers sequentially from the number above: 1,2,3...etc.

    Repeated - Repeat the same number above on every label printed.


    Per-label prices decrease significantly as you increase your order size.

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    • Rounded corners prevent peeling
    • Permanent adhesive sticks reliably to most surfaces
    • Polyester labels

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